Renewing An Expired Domain

We highly recommend that you renew your domain before it expires, you can do this by logging into your client account and clicking on Domains and then My Domains. Then click the Renew link under Actions. Now simply Add to Cart which domain you want to renew and then click Go to Checkout.

If your domain has already expired then it will enter a 25 day grace period where you can still renew it. Once a domain expires you will not be able to make changes to the domain and it will no longer resolve to your website or email servers until it is renewed.

If you do not renew the domain during the grace period then it will be placed in auction for 1 week. If the domain is not purchased by someone else during that period then the domain will be placed into the status of redemption by the registry. Once the domain is in redemption you can renew it for an additional fee. Depending on which TLD you are renewing the fee ranges from $200 to $250 plus the renewal cost. If the domain is still not renewed, then after 80 days of redemption status it is made available for everyone to register again.

To renew a domain that is in the grace period simply renew it from your client account by following the domain renewal instructions above. To recover a domain that is in the redemption period please contact us or submit a support ticket.

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