Editing And Sending Out Your Newsletter

On the WebsiteExpress hosting and content management system you can easily edit and then send out your newsletter. The Newsletter Addon is required to perform this task.

First, log into your website and then browse to your Control Panel, then click on the Newsletter Addon icon.

Below is your newsletter dashboard which is the main screen for your newsletter campaigns. To create a new campaign you can click 'Create a new Campaign' or simply copy a campaign that has already been sent by going to the 'Sent' link.

Now just fill in all of the details as show below and then click Next.

Type out the content for your newsletter in the content editor box. When you are finished click Next.

Now select which subscriber list should receive the newsletter. You can also manually type in recipients also. Click Next when done.

If you want to send out the newsletter now then choose 'Deliver the campaign immediately' and then choose 'Preview Campaign'. Otherwise you can schedule it to send out on another day and time.

Now you can review all of the information for your campaign. You can click Edit to change the information in any of the sections.

If everything looks good then click Send and the newsletter will immediately send out to all of your recipients.

Once you click send you'll be able to watch the newsletter progress. When the progress reaches 100% it is finished. You can click the reports icon to view the campaign statistics.

After a newsletter campaign has been run you can click on the Sent link to view the reports. You can also click the Copy Campign icon to duplicate the campaign under drafts so that you can edit it and run it again.

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