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Please fill out the form below and we'll get you approved for a new merchant account for processing credit cards.
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-Your business must be based in the United States.

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  • Owners/Officers

  • All individuals or businesses with 25% or more ownership in the company must be listed. At least 1 Personal Guarantee and at least 1 Responsible Party is required. A Responsible Party is a person who has authority to act on behalf of the company to sign the merchant agreement. If a Personal Guarantee is not obtained then additional business financial forms are required. Including most current year 3rd Party (reviewed or audited) Financial Statements such as Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement of Cash Flow & Financial Notes. If financials are not prepared by a 3rd Party, Financial Statements must be accompanied with the same years Federal Income Tax Return

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  • Business Environment

  • Please enter your business transaction details below. If this is a new business then please estimate the values below based on your industry and financial projections.

  • Processing Details

  • Bank Account Details

  • Your bank account information is required in order to receive your funds (checking accounts only). Your money will be automatically deposited into this account after settlement according to your funding option choice.


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