On-Site SEO: A Guide to Boosting Your Website's Visibility

Published on 3/24/2023 (yesterday)

You don't ever want to make Google guess at what you want to come up for in the search results. On-site SEO tells Google specifically what your services or products are as well as what areas you provide those service or products to. By implementing proper On-Site SEO techniques you make it easy for Google to index your website without issue....


How Do Websites Work? Data Centers, Hosting, Domains, Registrars and More

Published on 3/22/2023 (3 days ago)

In the world of websites, there are several key components and technologies that work together to make it possible for users to access and interact with your website content. In this blog post, we will explore what a data center, host server, domain name, registrar, and CMS (Content Management System) are, and how they work together to serve your website to your customers who are browsing on the internet....



Need a Business Website? Well Here are Your Options

Published on 8/19/2019 (3 years 219 days ago)

Every business needs a website, in the internet age this is simply a given. The problem is there are many potential pitfalls and considerations every business owner needs to address when getting a website up, and online.I can’t tell you how many people we have helped over the years that initially made the wrong decisions in terms of website development, and it inevitably cost them thousands of dollars in lost time, money and business because they didn’t adequately think a few things through on the frontend.First off, here are a few things to consider when selecting a website solution. How you answer these questions will give you a good idea as to how you should proceed,  Budget – An average informational, business website, without any custom functionality can cost anywhere between FREE –...



Beware SEO Scare Tactic Emails

Published on 2/11/2019 (4 years 43 days ago)

We often get emails sent from our customers that come from companies trying to scare them into purchasing search engine optimization services (SEO). These emails have fake graphics embedded in them with supposed website test results showing errors on their company websites that are impacting their Search Engine results. Fake SEO Scare TacticsThese companies are making up fake results in an effort to scare business owners that are not tech savvy enough to distinguish these emails from a legitimate website testing service like Test My Site from Google.Companies that utilize these kinds of sales tactics are not the type of companies you want to involve yourself with at any point. It is hugely unethical to use faked test results that prey upon unsuspecting business owners to say the least....



Why We Don’t Use WordPress

Published on 2/8/2019 (4 years 45 days ago)

Ten years ago, when Website Express was first started, we utilized almost every CMS (Content Management System) platform out there. The determining factor always depended on the client’s budget, needs, and the available functionality plugins that fit those needs. We soon realized that managing a large customer base on multiple different types of technologies was never a suitable model for a large website design firm.Since then we have taken the time and investment to build out our own servers, utilize our own custom CMS platform, maintain our own set of plugins for extended functionality called “addons”, and also have deployed a robust client management database and portal.As a result, we now have a platform and system that customers love, is easy for us to keep secure and up to date,...



Always Keep Track Of Your Registrar Login

Published on 2/7/2019 (4 years 46 days ago)

We work with a variety of clients. Often our clients have very little technical skills or knowledge and do not understand the different components that make up their web presence. These different pieces are typically their domain name, website host, website files and email host. Often a client will have different companies managing each component. So, in essence the client has to juggle and keep track of 3 or more logins and bills.The one piece of this web puzzle that often gets misplaced is the registrar login to the domain name. The domain name is a key asset of the business and can be devastating if it becomes lost or expired. The domain name is your .com, or .org, it is your web address. The domain name is always in an ICANN accredited registrar account, it cannot be anywhere else....



Is Your Web Firm too Cool for School?

Published on 2/2/2019 (4 years 51 days ago)

If you, or your company has been in the market for a new company website, there are a few red flags you should immediately be looking for when choosing your next website design firm. An Appeal to TrendinessMarketers understand that the vast majority of products they will be tasked with selling are mundane, and utilitarian, which makes them a hard sell.So, what marketers do is look for ways to associate their products with popular and trendy things in the culture in an effort to make their products look exciting, youthful and cutting edge. This is marketing 101.Web firms knowing this, also wrap themselves in the veneer of trendiness in an effort to seem cool to perspective clients. The thinking is, if they seem hip and cutting edge, then other companies will want to associate their products...



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