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Is your company ready for the mobile revolution?

The world is changing. The mobile platform has overtaken the Personal Computer, and the companies that keep up with the current mobile technology trends will lead the way in their industry.

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  • Internet traffic now shows 50.3% mobile, 40.3% from mobile phones, 10% from tablets and just 49.7% from computers (source)
  • Google has changed their search algorithms to punish non-mobile compliant websites (source)
  • Most website redesigns can be cost-effective depending on industry and amount of content


Choosing the Best Website Design Layout for Your Business

Simply tell your website designer which design you prefer during your design consultation, and they will design your website around one of these basic layouts below.


Traditional Custom Mobile Responsive Website Design Package | Kalipsell MT

Traditional Left/Right Column Responsive Layout

This layout is great for the Website Express Article and Blog Manager addon. It is also a very common layout for back pages, and allows for large amounts of text and informational heavy content. The side column allows for carrying over featured blocks of text, additional navigation, banners or newsletter sign-up boxes that are always accessible by clients.




3 Column Custom Mobile Responsive Website Design Package | Kalipsell MT

3 Column Showcase Responsive Layout

Businesses love this layout, it allows for a large responsive showcase or image slider, and also provides 3 columns below to channel website interactions toward the content you immediately want featured on your website.




Full Screen Showcase Responsive Website Design Package | Kalipsell MT

Full Screen Showcase Responsive Layout

A massive full screen photo is great for art portfolio websites and other creative styles. This visual style draws people in and is a great way to easily display catchy slogans and giant text that immediately orients your customer on the product, service, event or content you want them to focus on.




Full Screen Showcase Responsive Website Design Package | Kalipsell MT

Parallax/Tumbler Responsive Layout

This is a new design trend you will be seeing everywhere. It really is a creative style featuring lots of content on the front page in large scrolling blocks.



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