Always Keep Track Of Your Registrar Login


We work with a variety of clients. Often our clients have very little technical skills or knowledge and do not understand the different components that make up their web presence. These different pieces are typically their domain name, website host, website files and email host. Often a client will have different companies managing each component. So, in essence the client has to juggle and keep track of 3 or more logins and bills.

The one piece of this web puzzle that often gets misplaced is the registrar login to the domain name. The domain name is a key asset of the business and can be devastating if it becomes lost or expired. The domain name is your .com, or .org, it is your web address. The domain name is always in an ICANN accredited registrar account, it cannot be anywhere else. Sometimes your hosting company will have an admin panel that directly interacts with the registrar account and so you can access the domain name through the host panel. But other times you may have the domain name in a stand-alone registrar account, it just depends how it was set up in the beginning and where it was registered.

Sometimes your domain name will be in a registrar account but then you’ll need to log into the reseller account to access the domain name. This is because a lot of accredited registrars have referral programs that let their partners sell domain names on their behalf.

If you do not know who your registrar is then you can check any public whois database. The contact info for the domain name and the registrar info and reseller info can be found in the whois.

To look up your domain registrar go to:

Whenever you register a domain name keep that login safe and keep your billing info and contact info up to date in that account. Domain names have to be renewed once a year or once every couple of years if you initially registered it for multiple years.

Our team at Website Express can help you track down your registrar credentials and get the domain name safely transferred into your Website Express account. We provide a variety of domain name services. Including registration, renewal, transfers, domain recovery, domain management, private registration and more. We also provide a customer portal so that you can update your domain name, contact info and name servers as needed.

Published on 2/7/2019 (5 years 73 days ago)


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