Beware SEO Scare Tactic Emails


We often get emails sent from our customers that come from companies trying to scare them into purchasing search engine optimization services (SEO). These emails have fake graphics embedded in them with supposed website test results showing errors on their company websites that are impacting their Search Engine results.


Fake SEO Scare Tactics

These companies are making up fake results in an effort to scare business owners that are not tech savvy enough to distinguish these emails from a legitimate website testing service like Test My Site from Google.

Companies that utilize these kinds of sales tactics are not the type of companies you want to involve yourself with at any point. It is hugely unethical to use faked test results that prey upon unsuspecting business owners to say the least. What’s more, is once they hook you in enough to make a phone call, the solution is often hundreds of dollars every month to address all the “errors” that once fixed, supposedly beef up your on-page search results.

The thing with this is, the company you talk to often times doesn’t even do the work, instead they just acquire the sale and then outsource them to a company in India. So, when you get frustrated with the lack of results you are paying for, and call the customer service line, you will just get a foreigner on the end who will try to convince you that their services are working, and you just need to keep paying them indefinitely. They are scams, and business owners are getting inundated with these emails all the time.

At Website Express we encourage our customers to always fwd these types of emails to us, so we can look them over first in an effort to prevent our customers from being taken advantage of by unscrupulous SEO solicitations and companies.

If you think you have been taking advantage by one of these companies, we can login to your website and audit any changes that the questionable company has made and determine if anything they have done has ultimately had a negative impact on your website and search engine placement.

Educating our customer base on these matters is a priority for us because they will without a doubt get hundreds of email type scams like this ever year. We want our customers to know what to look out for, and also be confident that Website Express has their best interest in mind at every turn.



Published on 2/11/2019 (5 years 134 days ago)


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