How Do Websites Work? Data Centers, Hosting, Domains, Registrars and More


A Brief Intro To Website Technology

In the world of websites, there are several key components and technologies that work together to make it possible for users to access and interact with your website content. In this blog post, we will explore what a data center, host server, domain name, registrar, and CMS (Content Management System) are, and how they work together to serve your website to your customers who are browsing on the internet.


What is a Data Center?

A data center is a facility used to house and manage large amounts of data, typically including servers, networking equipment, massive broadband and storage devices. These facilities are designed to provide a secure and reliable environment for storing and managing data, and they often include features such as redundant power and cooling systems, backup generators, and fire suppression systems. While you can serve a website off of a home computer this is really slow and subject to broadband bottle necks. Data centers are used to serve your website files as fast as possible to the end user.


What is a Host Server?

A host server is a physical computer that is used to store and serve website content to users over the internet. When you create a website, you will typically need to rent server space from a web hosting company, who will provide you with access to one or more host servers where you can store your website files and data. Host servers come in a variety of configurations, including shared hosting (where multiple websites share the same server resources), VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting (where a portion of a server is dedicated to your website), and dedicated server hosting (where you have access to an entire server for your website).


What is a Domain Name and Registrar?

A domain name is the unique web address that users use to access your website (e.g., Domain names are registered with a domain name registrar, which is a company that manages the registration of domain names and assigns them to specific IP addresses. When you register a domain name, you will typically need to choose a registrar and pay an annual fee to maintain ownership of the domain.


What is a CMS?

A content management system (CMS) is a software application that allows website owners to create, edit, and publish digital content, such as articles, images, and videos, without requiring technical expertise. CMS platforms typically include a user-friendly interface for managing content, templates for designing the website's layout, and plugins or modules for adding additional functionality. Some popular CMS platforms include WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. Website Express uses powerful CMS software but we provide managed content services where we support all of the customer content on their websites.



The domain name, hosting server, and CMS all work together to serve the customer's website. When a user types in the domain name, the DNS (Domain Name System) servers translate the domain name into an IP address, which is the address of the server where the website is hosted. The hosting server then retrieves the website's files and sends them to the user's web browser, which displays the website.

The CMS is used to manage the website's content, including text, images, videos, and other media. When the customer creates or edits content on the CMS, the changes are stored on the hosting server and can be viewed by users who visit the website.

In summary, a data center hosts servers that are used to provide web hosting services. When a customer wants to create a website, they register a domain name, choose a hosting provider, and use a CMS to create and manage their website's content. The domain name, hosting server, and CMS all work together to serve the customer's website to users over the internet.

Published on 3/22/2023 (1 years 30 days ago)


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