Merchant Account & Payment Gateway Application

Please fill out the form below and we'll get you approved for a new merchant account for processing credit cards and a new payment gateway for taking credit cards online right from your website.
To continue with the application:
-Your business must be based in the United States.

  • Your Contact Details

  • Business Details

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  • Signers

  • All personal information requested is required, but used for identity verification purposes only. You may have one or two officers of your organization sign. If there is regular turnover between positions in your organization, we may recommend having 2 signers, so that in the event one leaves, we can simply remove them from the account.
    Each signer on this application must be the legal owner of the for-profit business (as documented by the IRS) with preferably at least 50% ownership. Non-profits will need to have an active board member or Executive Director sign on behalf of the organization. You may have one or two signers.

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  • Processing Parameters

  • Will you accept any "Recurring" payments, where your customer's credit card information is saved and automatically charged at specific intervals? Common examples are monthly donations, installment plans, or quarterly dues.

  • Statement Comparison

  • Your Customers

  • Help us understand who your customers are, by entering a percentage for each category. The total must equal 100%. If you're selling to retail consumers, you'll likely enter "100" in the consumer category. If you're selling wholesale, you'll likely enter "100" in the Business category. Contracts with local governments count towards government transactions. Please enter the amounts that best reflect your business/organization's needs.
  • Card Acceptance

  • Help us understand how you physically accept payments by entering a percentage for each category. The total must equal 100%. If you are processing in-person, you may type "100" for Card-Present (Swiped). If you're selling online, you may type "100" in the Internet category. "MoTo" stands for Mail/Telephone orders, so wholesale and phone-sales might be entered in this section. Please enter the amounts that best reflect your business or organization's needs.

  • Bank Account Information

  • We need your bank account information so that we can pay you directly for the sales you process. Your money will be automatically deposited into this account within 2 business days of settlement. We'll also automatically remove our fees from this account in one lump sum, for the previous month's processing. (For example, all processing fees incurred in July would be automatically be removed from your account at the beginning of August.)
  • Billing Information

  • Please enter your credit card information below. The initial setup and monthly payment gateway fees will be debited from this card.


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